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Are you looking for a micro-home?  Wait, what is a Micro home? 


Micro homes are the “next step up” from tiny houses; they range from 400 to approximately 800 sq. ft. and must encompass an independent kitchen, bathroom, and at least one window. These dwellings can be modular, pre-fabricated, or custom builds, using materials and finishes comparable to traditional homes.

So now that we have gotten that out of the way! Let's find you the perfect micro home. 

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Custom Micro Homes

Are you looking for a micro-home?  As a Georgia tiny home builder, we can make your tiny home dreams a reality. 

Our tiny homes start at 400 sq ft to 800 sq ft and have all the amenities of a larger home, including a kitchen, bathroom, and more. About the size of a hotel room, our tiny homes make a great space for a mother-in-law suite, rental unit, home office, and so much more.

Your tiny home can be fully designed to include insulation, flooring, painting, electricity, lighting, cooling, and even furnishings like a desk, couch, wall art, and more. Our professional designers and shoppers enable you to create your luxury space tailored specifically to your needs.


Interested in our tiny homes? Get the space you deserve today. Contact our tiny home builders today.

Choose Your Custom Tiny Home Design and Size

Our Tiny Homes start at 8x8 and go all the way to 20x30 and everything in between.

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