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Custom Yoga Sheds

Hold your next yoga retreat right in your backyard, or claim a space all to your own.

Imagine the zen you'd feel with a dedicated space to work on your breathing.


With a backyard yoga studio shed we can design your space with the perfect flooring, cooling, lighting, and even mirrored walls.

Our professional designers and shoppers enable you to create your luxury space tailored specifically to your needs.


Interested in our backyard yoga sheds? Get the space you deserve today.

We build all types of custom sheds, including office shedsshe sheds, man sheds, gaming sheds, yoga sheds, home gym sheds, music studio sheds, salon sheds, and more.

No more trying to find the perfect spot to put your yoga mat.


With our studio sheds, you will have a space designated just for your yoga needs.


Already have a backyard shed? No problem, we can transform existing sheds as well!

Choose Your Custom Shed Design and Size

The ANDERSON is our YOGA focus space for the winter. 


Finished to include insulation, drywall, paint, flooring and minisplit 

Starting at $56,000

When modernity is brought up in the conversation then the mention of Anderson will follow suit. Its beautiful array of natural lighting accompanied a loft for an office or a bedroom that allows you to make the most of the day and night. See the sights you deserve through the many eyes of the Anderson.


Available in dimensions 10 x 18 -  10 x 20


Some additional features include: 

  • Space Efficient

  • Multilayer Floor plan

  • Concrete foundation

  • Siding

    • Vinyl siding available 

    • Hardi Plank siding is available 

Right side.png

Our Winter Design Inspiration

High ceilings and natural light add to this space  (via Claire Esparros). This yoga space has all the perfect elements to make this our design inspiration this winter. 

Our Designers recreated this space. What do you think? 
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