Custom Home Gym Sheds

With new advancements in-home gym equipment, you won't miss a step with our home gym studio shed.


Replace your gym membership and still stay connected using the most up to date apps, live and on-demand classes, and yes even remote personal training. Save travel time and money by unlocking these possibilities in your own backyard.


Looking for a full-body workout? cycling? resistance training? No problem!

Your home gym shed can be fully designed to include insulation, flooring, painting, electricity, lighting, cooling, and even gym equipment like a Peloton, elliptical, and more. Our professional designers and shoppers enable you to create your luxury space tailored specifically to your needs.


Interested in our backyard home gym sheds? Get the space you deserve today.

We build all types of custom sheds, including office shedsshe sheds, man sheds, gaming sheds, yoga sheds, home gym sheds, music studio sheds, salon sheds, and more.

No more excuses for not working out.


With our studio sheds, you will have a space designated just for your workout needs.


Already have a backyard shed? No problem, we can transform existing sheds as well!

Choose Your Custom Shed Design and Size

Our sheds start at 8x8 and go all the way to 20x30 and everything in between.