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Custom Virtual Entertainment Sheds

Xbox gaming sheds, PlayStation gaming sheds and PC gaming sheds are all the rage. Our virtual entertainment studio allows you to create a space dedicated to your favorite characters, franchise, or console. 

Your gaming shed can be fully designed to include insulation, flooring, painting, electricity, lighting, cooling, seating, and large screens, and more. No matter what you play, or how you play, you’ll find solace a space of your own to play.


Our professional designers and shoppers enable you to create your luxury space tailored specifically to your needs.


Interested in our backyard gaming sheds? Get the space you deserve today.

We build all types of custom sheds, including office shedsshe sheds, man sheds, gaming sheds, yoga sheds, home gym sheds, music studio sheds, salon sheds, and more.

No more fighting for space, and no more turning off your console so you can watch TV. 


With our studio sheds, you will have a space designated just for your gaming needs.


Already have a backyard shed? No problem, we can transform existing sheds as well!

Choose Your Custom Shed Design and Size

Our sheds start at 8x8 and go all the way to 20x30 and everything in between.

The AMAGE is our VIRTUAL ENTERTAINMENT / GAMING focus space for the winter. 


Finished to include insulation, drywall, paint, flooring and mini-split 

Starting at $49,300









The Amage combines the best of simplicity and modern undertones, making it suited for almost any occasion. For the gaming shed the higher transom window gives you a clear gaming experience by avoiding, direct light to screens without giving up natural lighting. The open floor plan with dual entrances allows for single gameplay as well as the ability to create a separate area for team gameplay. The included extra ventilation and Minisplit ensure that no matter the length of your session you never overheat. 


Available in dimensions 14  x 28 


Some additional features include: 

  • Transom Windows Included

  • Open Floor plan

  • Pier & Concrete Foundations

  • Siding 

    • Metal siding available

    • Vinyl siding available

    • Hardi Plank siding is available


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