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Prefabrecated Buildings

Prefabrecated Buildings

What is a Prefab building?


A prefabricated building, informally a prefab, is a building that is manufactured and constructed in our warehouse and delivered to our door. It consists of factory-made components or units transported and assembled on-site to form the complete building or delivered completed to your home. 

The spaces can be shipped in 60 days and delivered to your home. All prefabricated spaces are custom and made just for you. 


Interested in our prefab buildings? Get the space you deserve today.

We build all types of custom sheds, including office shedsshe sheds, man sheds, gaming sheds, yoga sheds, home gym sheds, music studio sheds, salon sheds, and more.

Our studio spaces can be built and shipped up to 600 miles. 

Select the colors, flooring and siding you desire

We can even furnish your studio shed space! 

Avoid the hassle of constantly managing a job site by having pre-built space delivered to your backyard. 

Choose Your Custom Shed Design and Size

Our sheds start at 8x6 and go all the way to 10x30 and everything in between.

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